Corrugated Tin Roofing: Advantages of Tin Roofing


Anyone shopping for roofing materials can quickly be overwhelmed by all of the

options available to them. While there are entire books on the subject of choosing the correct type of roofing material for each type of property, this article will focus exclusively on corrugated tin roofing. Corrugated tin roofing is essentially a form of tin roofing that is pressed into a shape that resembles a series of shallow waves or wide wrinkles. The shape itself offers some tangible benefits, as does the use of a tin as a material. Both of these aspects can be explored individually, as there are other forms of corrugated roofing and non-corrugated tin roofing.

Corrugated roofing tends to be more attractive than flat roofing, and corrugated tin roofing is no exception to this generalization. Another benefit of all forms of corrugated roofing is that rain and snow cannot pool up on an uneven surface easily; weighing down sections of the roof can cause damage to the roof and even the structure of a property. Corrugated tin roofing does tend to be slightly more expensive than non-corrugated tin roofing due to the additional process tin must be put through in order to become corrugated.

Tin is an excellent choice for a roofing material for three main reasons: tin is light, resistant to the elements, and inexpensive. In fact, the lightweight nature of tin contributes to its innate cost effectiveness in many ways, but one of the most important considerations is that light roofs need less support. Properties designed to hold heavy roofing systems need to have a greater amount of internal structure simply to hold the weight of the roof; lighter roofs made from corrugated tin components can actually reduce the cost of the structure as well as be cost effective in and of themselves.

Tin is naturally resistant to fluctuations in temperatures as well as humidity. Corrugated tin roofing improves on this by creating natural channels for liquids that reduces the amount of weight a roof will need to bear. Remember that lightweight roofing is critical to keeping the cost of any structure as low as possible. Resistance to elements also contributes of overall cost effectiveness as roofing will invariably be exposed to the elements, and replacing or repairing roofing systems can be a very expensive and time consuming task.

With many corrugated tin roofing systems on the market, it is difficult to accurately state a narrow price range of what one can expect to pay for a new corrugated tin roof. It is, however, possible to state that corrugated tin roofing can cost under $5 per square foot before one factors in shipping and handling costs. Installation of corrugated tin roofing might not be as expensive as other forms of roofing due to the lightweight nature of tin.